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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Survived The Great Power Outage of 2010.....

OK, it wasn't that great an was just in our neighborhood. But, it was for FIVE hours. Oh, the internet withdrawal pains were starting. I was getting twitchy, feeling the pressure build up inside me. I NEEDED to GET ONLINE!!

On top of it, I had dropped my cell phone and broke it today. We have a digital phone (cable service) so since that was out, I had no phone, and since I don' wear a watch, with no electricity meant I had no idea what time it was!! At least we had several lanterns so we had plenty of light.

Turns out that at the construction site at the end of our street, someone in the construction crew knocked over the pole with a transformer on it...snapped it right in half! I'm so thankful that they were able to fix it tonight. If I had to go without internet access much longer, I'm not sure what I would have done and I don't think I could have been held accountable for my actions!! LOL

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