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Friday, February 5, 2010

I Made Bread!

In an effort to eat as much fresh, healthy food as possible, I recently bought a Breadman TR875 Breadmaker from Amazon.  After researching online, I found this one had good reviews, and the price was right.  Since I had never made bread before, I didn't want to invest a lot into a bread maker until I was sure this was something I would want to keep doing.  This machine also makes pasta dough, pie crust dough, cookie dough, gluten free bread AND jam!

Two nights ago, I made my first loaf.  The instruction booklet recommends you start with the white bread recipe, so I did.  We don't normally eat white bread, but I went ahead and  made a loaf and it turned out delicious.  The machine was so incredibly easy to use.  Just add your ingredients in the order the recipe indicates, put the loaf pan into the bread maker and press a few buttons to select your options...then press Start.  That's it.  So very simple.  The machine kneads, punches, shapes and bakes the bread.

I was so happy with how the white bread turned out, I made a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin.  The only extra step (and the machine beeps to prompt you to do this) was to add the raisins after the bread had been kneaded a bit.  Again, so very simple and this load turned out incredibly delicious as well.

Today, I made a loaf of Whole Wheat bread. There was a little bread malfunction.

The bread maybe ugly, but the consensus from my husband and daughter (and myself) is that the bread is delicious!

My husband said, I think you will be getting a lot of use out of this machine.  I think he's right! :o)

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