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Monday, October 5, 2009

Economy is Improving?

"They" say the economy is improving. "They" say things are starting to turn around. We must be living in the wrong place. Things are not improving for us. Things are not turning around for us. My husband got word last week that there will be no shifts available for his job that make the 11% shift differential he has been making. His employer is offering the last shift to start at 2:45pm...15 minutes earlier than would qualify for this differential. So now, on top of not having any overtime for most of this year (our income is down about $1K a month because of this), my DH's regular paycheck is going to decrease as well.  Whoever "they" are, they must not live in where I do!

Don't get me wrong. As of today, he still has both his full-time and his part-time jobs. used to be that if his hours got reduced at his full-time job, he could pick up extra hours at his part-time job. That has not been an option for most of this year. So, no OT, no extra hours at PT job and now a reduced full-time job paycheck. The problem with this is that we bought this house when my DH was making a lot more money. Now our mortgage is 50% of his take home pay and that number will go even higher as his paycheck gets reduced starting in November.

I am going to remain positive. I am praying for God to open a window for us. I currently am a SAHM. I have occasionally did some computer work outside of the house, but when our car died this spring and we didn't the the $$$ to fix it or replace it, that stopped. Luckily, my husband works at home for his full-time job so not having a car has not been that bad. We are within walking distance of the grocery store/bank/drugstores so we are ok there too. It's just if I can't get some work that I can do at home.....I won't have transportation to go to a job outside of the house.

I know that God is with us. I know that all things work for the good of those who believe in him. So, I am praying, praying, praying that I can do some work at home. I used to make baby burp cloths, baby blankets, etc and sell them. I'm thinking about starting that again to see if I can bring in any extra $$$. I also used to do some web design, so I'm learning a PHP and MySQL to see if I can pick up some part-time work that way. If you pray, please pray that this, or some other opportunity will work out for us. In the meantime, I will continue to stand firm in my faith that God will provide...and pray that what "they" are saying is happening to the economy will start to happen down here in FL where we live.

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