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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tortilla Lasagna

While my husband's step-mom was here last week, she bought me a Taste Of Home recipe book.  Lots of delicious looking dishes in there.  I need more hours in the day and more people to feed to try them all out!!  I should get a job at a diner or something.

Anyway, tonight I decided to make the Tortilla Lasagna.  The recipe is pretty simple, really, like you are making a taco salad but instead of using taco chips or a baked tortilla shell, you use flour tortillas and line a pan with them, then layer salsa, meet, onions, sour cream and cheese, and bake for 45 minutes. 

I made a few revisions to the original recipe.  I used ground turkey instead of ground beef, my homemade salsa instead of store bought, fat-free sour cream instead of regular, and multi-grain tortillas instead of plain. 

Oh, the delicious smell as this was cooking.  We had a late lunch and weren't even very hungry but after smelling this cooking, my husband and I decided to have a serving.  Well, it was so very good.....that we each had a 2nd helping!!  I wish the tortillas were a bit crispier all over instead of just the edges.  Other than that, a very delicious and satisfying meal.

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