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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Porch

One of the home improvement projects on our list was expanding our porch.  This porch sits in front of what we call the "breezeway" which is a room that used to be open and connected the house to the garage, but at some point, a previous owner enclosed it and took out a wall in the kitchen to open the two rooms up to each other.

After consulting with several contractors, it was determined that the best course would be to rip up the old porch and put in a newer, bigger one.   Today was the day work was to begin...and be completed.
Here's the old porch

....and the newer, larger porch

Concrete guys said we could walk on it tomorrow but that we should wait a few days before putting the chairs and my organic veggie garden boxes on it just to give it more time to cure and harden.

Now we have room for our dogs to be lay down and be outside with us.  Right now there is an aluminum awning but I think we will take that down and get a fabric awning that can be opened and closed as needed.

You can't tell from the other picture, but the left side has a bit of a drop to it so we will be getting some railing to put around the patio as well not only for safety but also for a place for some flower  boxes. 

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