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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spinach Lasagna

When I was growing up, spinach was one of those veggies that made me gag, along with mixed veggies, green beans and peas. Even as an adult, my gag reflex kicked in whenever I saw spinach or thought of eating it. Maybe if Popeye had been a girl, I might have been more inclined to eat it. Naw, probably not.

Anyway, my son, who is here visiting me (happy happy joy joy), had asked me for years to make some spinach lasagna instead of our regular artery-clogging, meat-filled one. Nope, never, not gonna happen was my response.

Well, imagine his surprise when I suggested we make some this week. Eyes bugging out, shaking his head in disbelief, he said "YOU eat spinach lasagna now???" Yep. I do.

Why the change of heart?  I don't remember exactly why or when I first made spinach lasagna.  Probably a few years after my son moved out and we started trying to eat "healthier."  But really, whatever/whenever, I no longer have the gag-me-with-some-spinach reflex.  I put it in lasagna, soup, and even with a salad.  Shocking to those who know me.  There, I confessed it and I feel better!!

Anywho, we purchased our ingredients and today I set out to make some delicious Spinach Lasagna, from a recipe I found at  

Per usual, I made some substitutions.  *did I just say per?  Who says that anymore?  LOL*   

I used fresh, organic baby spinach instead of canned.  I forgot fresh parsley, so I just used about 1 1/2 tsp. of dried.  I used fat-free ricotta cheese as well.

Here's the finished product.  It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.  Oh, my son did as well. :o)

To go along with this, I made some Italian Herb Bread in my bread maker.  Delicious!!

A nice hot slice with a little butter was a nice accompaniment to the lasagna. 

When it was just the two of us (I raised my son alone until he was 15 yrs old) I didn't cook that often.  He was a very picky eater, so cooking for one was not that much fun.  When he got into his teens, his taste in food had expanded but he was on the go all the time, so was rarely home for meals.  Now that he is here, I want to give him some of his favorites.   So, off to make him the fudge he didn't get this Christmas and probably some mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Yummmy!!

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