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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Birds: The Sequel

We've had some great weather the last few days so we got on our bikes and headed over to the beach.

N and E were playing, while I sat on the blanket. As usual, the seagulls gather around the blanket. Normally just sit there and stare at you, trying to will you to give them something to eat. Today, however, out of the blue, they took to the air all around my head. I felt like Tippi Hedren (wish I looked like her) from The Birds. No, I'm not old, I just like Hitchcock movies (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I even screamed "HELP" to my husband, who came running and shooed them away. Evil seagulls. Well, not all of them were evil. There was The Nice One, this one rather pretty one who stayed off to the side. I'm sure The Nice One is a girl because it had good manners. :o)

Hopefully, I haven't been too traumatized by today's events. *sarcasm*   I think next time we'll bring squirt guns and shot them with water if they bug us again...except for The Nice One.  She can stay as long as she likes. :o)

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